Meet the Artist

Sarah started her business in 2013, what started as a hobby in a back bedroom soon turned into a profitable business with sustainability and an eco conscious ethos at its heart.

With over 25 years in the design industry Sarah has developed a wealth of experience and skills and this allied with creative flair has allowed her to flourish as a designer maker.

...early days

Glass maker and designer

After leaving school Sarah trained as a glass maker then went on to gain a first honours degree in ceramics and glass design, from here she continued with her career as a glass designer and maker and was fortunate enough to travel far and wide hosting exhibitions of her work in Horrods of London, Bloomingdale's, New York and Hankyu in Japan.

First shop - Sarah's Attic

Sarah had a passion for vintage and mid-century furniture her first ever upcycling project was a GPlan statement chair that her granny gave to her mum to nurse Sarah and her twin brother on when they were young, the chair being the age it was needed some TLC so Sarah set to work and was amazed at the transformation!  She opened her first shop, Sarah's Attic, in 2014, a small rented space within another shop, perfect for a start up business but she soon outgrew this and had to look for bigger premises so in 2018 she moved into her very own shop that was big enough to accommodate a retail space and workshop, this was also the year Sarah started work with the BBC on Money for Nothing.

Bigger Ventures

Tayside Upcycling & Craft Centre

In 2021 Sarah and her husband Alfie opened Tayside Upcycling & Craft Centre a not for profit Community Interest Company, the main aim of the business is to champion the environmental benefits of upcycling.  Already affectionately nicknamed "The TUCC shop", this unique Centre showcases the creations of over 30 local Upcyclers and Craftspeople who work with a diverse range of materials including metal, wood and various fabrics.  If you'd like to know more click on the link below.




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